9 Ixalan Cards That Would Make Great FNM Promos

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Wizards of the Coast recently announced that Friday Night Magic promos will no longer be foil tokens, and instead are re-introducing foil Standard cards for rewards. Last July, WOTC said they made the switch to tokens in order to make FNM less competitive and more new player friendly. They are switching back to Standard Tokens for the following reason:

While the experiment with special premium tokens was aimed at fostering a fun, inclusive environment for Friday Night Magic, the real-world results did not match our expectations. That, coupled with the community's feedback, led us to change back.

I, for one, am excited that WOTC is changing back to Standard playable FNM cards and applaud them for this change. I still use my FNM Aether Hub and Fatal Push, and can't wait to see what new cards will get the premium treatment. That being said, in no particular order, here are 10 Ixalan cards that would make a great choice as an FNM Promo: (P.S. only uncommon or common cards were selected, as rares and mythics traditionally do not get the FNM promo treatment)

  1. Opt

    Opt is a great choice because it is playable in multiple formats. Plenty of Modern decks run Opt in their main deck. It hasn't seen as much play in Standard recently, but it is a solid consideration for Approach decks and control brews. Opt is a great FNM card to attract control or combo players.

  2. Thunderherd Migration

    It's almost a crime to put new art on this beautiful piece by Lars Grant-West, but the card itself would make for a great FNM promo. Tribal is a major theme of Ixalan, and Thunderherd Migration is a big part of the G/R Monster (with Dinos) deck. Mana-ramp go-big style decks have really suffered lately in Standard with the lack of Rampant Growth, but Thunderherd adds some great potential, assuming you are willing to use Dinosaurs.

  3. Legion Lieutenant

    Everyone loves a fun tribal deck. I've played against my fair share of Vampire tribal decks at FNM, and Legion Lieutenant is one of the reasons the deck can become so fearsome to play against. Even after Ixalan Standard rotates, this will see play in casual tribal decks for years to come. For those reasons, this would make a great FNM promo.

  4. Merfolk Mistbinder

    Merfolk Mistbinder should get an FNM card for the same reason as Legion Lieutenant. It makes the Merfolk deck a lot stronger, sees a fair amount of play at the FNM level, and will see casual player for years to come!

  5. Rigging Runner

    Sure, Ixalan has Lightning Strike, but that card has been reprinted numerous times. Let's give one of the new cards a chance, especially one that shows off a set mechanic (Raid). First Strike on a Red aggro card can be pretty powerful, and this little pirate can come out as a 2/2 first striker for 1 mana if you play him right. That can be a strong tempo move in the right aggro deck.

  6. Ravenous Chupacabra

    Unlike a previous staple card, Nekrataal, Ravenous Chupacabra can hit artifacts and Black creatures. Chupacabra will follow in its predecessor's footsteps and be a staple for years to come. It is already seeing significant competitive play and inclusion in casual decks in Standard. This is the kind of FNM promo everyone can appreciate.

  7. Baffling End

    There's a history of great White removal cards getting a promotional treatment, be it Path to Exile, Oblivion Ring, or Swords to Plowshares. Baffling End is a pretty interesting card. Unlike Journey to Nowhere, Baffling End permanently exiles the creature, so at best your opponent is rewarded with a 3/3 Dinosaur for removing this enchantment from play. This gives the card a nice thematic connection with Ixalan. Baffling End is seeing plenty of competitive play in Standard decks such as Approach and U/W Auras. It is also seeing play in lots of fun Standard brews. For those reasons, Baffling End would make a great FNM promo.

  8. Merfolk Branchwalker

    Honestly, I'd be surprised if Merfolk Branchwalker isn't a top consideration by WOTC for the next FNM promo card. For one, it's a great tribal card that can be used in Merfolk decks, it perfectly represents the explore mechanic, and it is a fantastic value card that gets played in a multitude of different decks. Branchwalker is a card players of all skills can appreciate. Sure, it isn't as flashy as a Fatal Push, but it sees a lot of play in Standard. This card sees play in G/B Constrictor, G/R Aggro or Monstors, Merfolk, and more. Merfolk Branchwalker is everything you want in a great FNM promo!

  9. Unclaimed Territory

    Yes, before anyone else says it, Unclaimed Territory is already a promo card. Despite that, Unclaimed Territory would be an excellent FNM card to brand with new art, much like Aether Hub was. I was very excited to compete and win an Aether Hub at FNM, and will be for Unclaimed Territory as well. This card is great for all kinds of brewing. With the heavy tribal influence of Ixalan, Unclaimed Territory is seeing play in all kinds of Standard tribal brews. This is the kind of card that is going to see play in formats like Commander years and years down the road, making it an excellent choice for an FNM promo treatment.So what do you think would make a great FNM promo card? Leave us a comment below!