VALORANT 'Clutch' Video Features Spectacular Content Creator Frag Kills in Anime Form

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Content Creator
June 25, 2021  03:20 PM

Developer Riot Games is doing exciting things for the VALORANT community to celebrate the game's one-year anniversary this month, and earlier this week, there's a nice surprise in the form of a fantastic frag animated film called Clutch.

The one-minute film created by Bobby Prod. features clutch moments from various VALORANT content North America such as Shroud, Tenz, Pokimane, Wardell, Quarter Jade, and Myth. Watch the video below: 


In VALORANT, clutch is when the last player in the team alive wins the round. It's cool to see these content creators shine in animated form, which I haven't seen done with this kind of style in any shooter ever. 

The new Clutch video is just one of the latest proofs that Riot cares about the VALORANT community and its content creators. The developer's connection to the community is one of the 11 reasons why VALORANT is better than Valve's CS: GO

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