Spider-Man Far from Home: Watch a Breakdown of Every Easter Egg in the Movie

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July 07, 2019  12:49 PM


Spider-Man: Far from Home officially closes the Infinity Saga for the MCU, and just like every other entry, it has a lot of nods to what came before it, as well as the comics. Thanks to Mr. Sunday Movies, we have an in-depth breakdown of Easter Eggs in the film.

While I thought that Brad Davis was just a random character made to give Peter a romantic rival, he’s actually a character in the comics who MJ ended up dating while she was on a split with Peter. It’s not really a reference we need, but I really appreciate the attention to detail.

What’s also cool is that there a bunch of license plates in the film that hint at several characters like Sandman, Molten Man, and Hydro Man. There’s also a lot of nods to the Insomniac game for the PS4 like Peter taking a selfie of himself while swinging as well as Aunt May working at a charity.

If anything though, definitely the best part of the movie was the Mysterio visuals. They really found a way to translate Quentin Beck from the comics into the big screen, and it was perfect that he’s a disgruntled Stark employee that was behind the BARF technology from Civil War—the film that introduced us to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

I also think this is oddly tragic, but Mysterio is actually one more villain that Tony managed to unwittingly create—much like Aldrich Killian and Ultron.

For now, you can catch Spider-Man: Far from Home currently in theaters.

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