Uncanny X-Men #6 Unleashes The Power of X-Man Against The X-Men (Review)

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles , MTG Writer/Streamer
January 04, 2019  04:20 AM

Marvel Comics

Marvel's Uncanny X-Men series has been building up the conflict between the X-Men and the X-Man a.k.a. Nate Grey and in issue #6, we finally get to see them clash in an unsurprisingly one-sided battle but just when you think it's getting into the climax of the Disassembled storyline, it unveils another surprise. 

Marvel Comics

We've seen Angel's dramatic transformation into Archangel at the end of Uncanny X-Men #5 (You can read my review here) so #6 picks up the focus on the winged mutant and although he serves a purpose to the story, the character quickly falls as they encounter the main antagonist of the series, the godlike X-Man. 

Marvel Comics

There's almost like a shonen-like feel to the conflict against Nathan Grey as if writers Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenberg, and Kelly Thompson have taken ideas from Dragon Ball Super and Naruto while still delivering the fun side of X-Men. As expected from an X-Men series like this, it's the whole team against the overpowered villain as Jean Grey's team and Storm's reunite for an epic clash. Artist Yildiray Cinar illustrated some amazing full shots with the whole team attacking and being blown away by X-Man but Jubilee is the only one who stood out in their fight while the rest looked like colorful pawns that couldn't checkmate a king. 

Marvel Comics

The Four Horsemen of Salvation are also reduced to guardians of their false god as Gandalf-Magneto becomes a Lord of the Rings joke in one scene. The writers' approach to a dialogue-heavy scene with Jean Grey and X-Man was interesting as it brought back a scene from a previous issue 

Yildiray Cinar does a fine job giving us a good sense of where characters are with concrete background and dynamic atmosphere. There's a wonderful shot of X-Man's surprising holy entrance that made me almost say, "Holy shit!". The wide epic shots look great but some faces in the smaller panels, especially in the scene when the young mutants confront X-man, look like a blur. 

A lot of things happen in the issue's 25 pages. Nothing feels filler but it felt like it just happened too fast. Legion plays an important role in this chapter but his part could have been more developed instead of just a flash. Even the X-Men's mindless attack seemed rushed even though their demise looks so epic. 

Final Verdict: Uncanny X-Men #6 is a solid start to the climactic battle between the X-Men and X-Man and although some scenes felt rushed, the story progresses well overall. Cinar has crafted some spectacular action scenes though I wish some parts didn't happen so fast so I could see him flesh out some key actions, especially the final Sharingan-like scene with Legion. Despite the issue's shortcomings, it's still loaded with action-packed fun and surprises. 

Published by Marvel Comics

Written by Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenberg, & Kelly Thompson

Art by Yildiray Cinar

Cover by Elizabeth Torque

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