Uncanny X-Men #5 is A Controversial Masterpiece (Review)

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles , MTG Writer/Streamer
December 19, 2018  04:31 AM

Marvel Comics

While we've seen a glimpse of X-Man's powers in the previous Uncanny X-Men issue (You can read my review of the fourth issue here), Uncanny X-Men #5 takes it to a whole new level with a controversial scene that features the deity-like villain doing something that a religious organization wasn't happy about. It's a bold move that gives the issue an Independence Day-like feel to the epic while giving complexity to Nathan Grey's character. 

Marvel Comics

While I'm not a huge fan of Elizabeth Torque's cover art, Uncanny X-Men #5 features some of the most stunning art we've seen in this 10-part Disassembled series yet thanks to R.B. Silva's wonderful illustrations from start to finish. There's a two-page epic shot in the beginning with the mutants in the middle of a chaotic conflict while Gandalf-Magneto is looking majestic, looking more like a master wizard from another dimension. 

Marvel Comics

Writers Ed Brisson, Matt Rosenberg, and Kelly Thompson did some fine character development in Uncanny X-Men #5 as we see X-Man's humble side of evil in his conversation with Apocalypse while Kitty Pride's reactions provide a bit of comic relief. 

Marvel Comics

Not a single panel is wasted thanks to the well-paced scenes and the story's momentum isn't slowing down from here. Just like the previous issues, there's a one-page look at Beast's mysterious side of the storyline while the Legion, Multiple Man, and the young mutants are showing how important their roles are behind all the massive battles that the other mutant teams are dealing with right now. 

The action scenes look as spectacular as ever but more interestingly, the conflict between the characters feel more personal. The dialogues highlight the interactions between the heroes and villains well. Gandalf-Magneto and Polaris have an intense exchange while Psylocke and Angel's fight gives us a closer look at this two particular mutants despite the huge amount of characters that this series is already juggling. R.B. Silva is a master at portraying emotional expressions in their faces as you can feel the intensity of their fights. One of the scenes also gives us a stunning look at Jean Grey's team exploring a beautiful paradise, and I hope we see more of that side of the story in the next issue.  

Final Verdict: Uncanny X-Men #5 may have drawn attention for its controversial scene with X-Man but let's not forget to appreciate the beauty of its art and epic storyline. The fifth issue offers stunning scenes and intense conflicts but it also shows us that there's a personal side to the huge roster of characters in this series. The series' team of talented artists and writers are developing one of the best Marvel storylines we've seen yet and I'm looking forward to seeing what the key characters will accomplish in this epic war. 

Published by Marvel Comics

Written by Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenberg, & Kelly Thompson

Art by R.B. Silva

Cover by Elizabeth Torque

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