This Red and Black Deadpool Varsity Jacket Rocks!

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles , MTG Writer/Streamer
June 03, 2016  07:04 PM

Who doesn't like wearing varsity jackets? Who doesn't like Deadpool? Why not combine both to bring out a cool style that even Negasonic Teenage Warhead would approve? Thankfully, that's exactly what our friends from just created: a letterman red and black Deadpool jacket that will rock your world!

The jacket, made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester, is bound to provide warmth and comfort, and it has two outside pockets as well as two inside pockets that are spacious enough to fit your smartphone. The Deadpool logo on the front looks great, and the red and black colors stylishly bring out the Merc With A Mouth's look. The cuffs and waist border are made of rib knit cuffs to adjust to your body perfectly. The metallic buttons also look dope. Unlike a lot of varsity jackets, this one feels light, so it's the perfect fit for casual adventures, high school dates, or if you want to show that you're a Deadpool fan in a fan convention without having to cosplay. Check out the images below. 


This is definitely one of the coolest superhero jackets ever, so if you're a Deadpool fan, you can get this jacket at

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