Dragon Sheath Review - A Fun & Premium Way to Organize Dice

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By Brian McCormick | More Articles Comic book geek and Magic: the Gathering player
November 03, 2016  02:11 PM

Are you looking for a new way to store your dice? As a trading card game player, I use dice all the time. For dice organization, I've often used "the cube", a rectangular clear plastic container full of D6 die. I've also used various pouches, which usually do a good job as long as the drawstring remains knotted. This past weekend, I had the chance to upgrade my dice organization with a Dragon Sheath, mailed to me from Dog Might Games.

The Dragon Sheath is essentially a customizable and ornate real wooden box to hold your dice. Each corner of the box has four magnets to hold it securely shut. Simply open the box, place your dice in, close it, and you are good to go.

Benge banded with Flame Birch. "Dragon Gaze" wood sculpt.

Since receiving the Dragon Sheath, I have used it for a few Magic: The Gathering tournaments and found it functionally much better than either the cube or a pouch. Normally, you need to flip over the cube to get a few dice, and losing one die ruins the set. Additionally, grabbing a specific die from a pouch can take a little bit of time to find the one you need. With the Dragon Sheath, all the die are displayed clearly in the box. I usually just open the Sheath when the game beings and I am good to go. Need a D6? Just grab it. Need a D20 for life totals? Just take it out. Not having to dump out multiple die and sort through what I wanted via other methods made the Sheath very convenient and easy to use.

Functionally, opening and closing the Dragon Sheath is fairly simple. The magnets are very powerful, and it is nigh impossible for the box to open unless you want it to. You could throw this thing across the room and I'd imagine it would still remained tightly closed. On the downside, when you close the Dragon Sheath the magnets can snap a little loud (because they are strong). Opening the box is fairly easy. I usually slide the box to the side, which will un-align the magnets, and then easily lift it open.

As far as aesthetics, if you are looking for a premium look and feeling product to hold your dice, the Dragon Sheath is absolutely stunning! Each box is finely crafted from solid real wood and have two ornate designs on each side of the box. You can smell the scent from the real wood it is crafted from. The one I received and pictured above/below is Cherry banded with Bubinga and features the Hammer and Viking Dragon sculpts. Dog Might Games offers 40 different sculpts and a dozen interiors to the Dragon Sheath, so you can customize to your liking. They have a great variety of designs, such as Ankhs, Alchemy, Space Marine, Dragons, Wolves, Greatswords, Phoenix, and much more.

If you are looking for a durable, quality, or thematic way to organize your dice and increase convenience, I highly recommend the Dragon Sheath. I am extremely happy with mine. This is a quality handmade and customizable product for people looking for a fun and premium way to hold your dice. You can order your own from Dog Might Games here. They also offer handmade real wood Dice Chests, Dice Towers, Deck Boxes, and more.

You can watch a youtube video illustrating the Dragon Sheath below:

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