Star Wars Had Another Kylo Ren-Like Character Obsessed with Darth Vader

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June 23, 2020  12:53 PM



It looks like Star Wars has another Vader-obsessed villain outside of Kylo Ren.

Star Wars has introduced a Mon Calamari Imperial commander, and it looks like the character is very much into everyone’s favorite hard-breathing villain. When Mon Calamari General Karbin first appears in Star Wars: Darth Vader #6, fans get to see him in a fully cybernetic body inspired by General Grevious and the Separatist leader’s technological enhancements.

Karbin is a creation of the cybernetically-enhanced scientist Cylo. Enhancing himself with so much technology that he has become an immortal system, Cylo is kept by the Emperor to create Sith-like warriors who can perform Force talents despite the lack of Force-sensitivity. Cylo’s warriors are designed and trained to replace the likes of the Sith like Darth Vader.



Unlike Cylo’s other creations, however, Karbin is the most obsessed about Vader, hoping to rise the ranks and supplant the Sith Lord.

According to Comic Book Resources, the character appears in sporadic moments throughout the Star Wars comic, at each turn hoping for a new command. It’s interesting to see how obsessed Karbin is with Vader. Though the villain hopes to replace the Sith Lord, his obsession seems to be almost as great as Kylo Ren’s.

Like Ben Solo, Karbin wants to measure up to Vader, and eventually, overthrow the Sith Lord. Unfortunately, it seems like the character’s single-minded efforts and his overconfidence eventually lead to his downfall.

Seems like Karbin really couldn’t thwart Vader in the end.

Star Wars: Darth Vader is available for purchase in comic book stores.

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