Grand Moff Tarkin CGI Actor Not Involved in Rumored Rogue One Prequel Series

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July 29, 2020  11:52 AM


Star Wars fans might be hoping to see Grand Moff Tarkin appear in Lucasfilm’s rumored Rogue One prequel series, however, there are reports saying that the former green screen actor for the role won’t be part of the project.

A few years ago, Lucasfilm announced its plans to develop a Rogue One spinoff series focused on Diego Luna's charming Rebel character, Captain Cassian Andor. Though there hasn't been that much word on the series,  Bespin Bulletin have been offering updates on the project.

According to a report by Bespin Bulletin, Guy Henry, the man who played Tarkin in Rogue One, isn’t set to appear in the rumored prequel series. Henry’s team has denied the actor’s involvement in the project – so it’s either Tarkin won’t be appearing in the Rogue One prequel series, or Tarkin will be making a cameo, but this time played by a different actor.



Tarkin’s appearance in Rogue One came as quite a surprise to fans. While it wasn’t that unexpected to see the Grand Moff in Rogue One considering the role Tarkin plays in Star Wars: A New Hope, fans were shocked to see a CGI version of the character with almost the exact likeness of Peter Cushing who had passed away in 1994.

To allow fans to live the experience of seeing Cushing on the big screen, Gareth Edward’s team had to rely on Henry to provide Tarkin’s physicality while specific series of dots on his face allowed his appearance to be replaced with a CG version of Cushing’s appearance.

We wonder whether Lucasfilm will be able to repeat the same experience for this rumored Rogue One prequel series.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is available for streaming on Disney+.

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