Avengers 4 Theory: Wakanda Could Have The Solution To The Next Captain America

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By Tiny Diapana | More Articles
October 10, 2018  06:44 PM

It won’t be easy undoing Thanos’ massacre in Avengers 4, and with Chris Evans’ contract with Marvel coming to an end, fans have come to expect Captain America to sacrifice himself to bring the dusty dead half of the universe back to life in the film.

It’s going to be heartbreakingly necessary, however, fans are also anticipating Steve’s best friend, Bucky (Sebastian Stan) to take up Captain America’s mantle. Though it might seem like a bit of a stretch considering the fact that Bucky is no super soldier, a new theory by Screen Rant suggests that tech from Wakanda could definitely fix that.

Sure, there might have been many failed super soldiers in Marvel comics before, but with Wakanda on the side of the Avengers this time around, Marvel Studios could find a way to turn Bucky into the new Captain America.

Fans of the MCU know that the substance that’s turned men into something close to a super soldier without side-effects is the Heart-Shaped Herb, Black Panther’s (Chadwick Boseman) source of power.  Not only does the Heart-Shaped Herb of Wakanda give whoever ingests it incredibly heightened senses, it also gives them the strength, speed, agility, and durability that would rival that of Captain America.

Seeing the effects of the Heart-Shaped Herb, this new theory speculates that the plant could have some sort of connection to the Super Soldier serum. After all, fans know that in Marvel comic book history, before Doctor Erskine first tired to create the Super Soldier in Germany, the attempt was made shortly after the Nazi’s tried to take over Wakanda in the North African Campaign.  Wakanda might have tight security, however, it isn’t unlikely that Hydra scientists managed to get a sample of the Heart-Shaped Herb at the time.

Now, seeing the potential connection between the Herb and the super soldier serum, we can only guess that Wakanda will soon be able to make a serum of its own, allowing the city to hold a successful Super Soldier program that may very well include Bucky.

After all, the Avengers will need a new Captain America once Steve sacrifices himself in Avengers 4.

What do you think of this new theory? Do you think it could work?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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