The Batman Cinematographer Says the Movie is About Bruce and Alfred's Relationship

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
July 07, 2020  01:48 PM



Fans have a lot of high expectations for The Batman, especially since Ben Affleck wasn’t able to fulfill his contract for the character and many were high on him after his performance in Batman V Superman. Robert Pattinson’s casting has also garnered a mixed reaction since many still weirdly associate him with Twilight, even though he has acted in a number of different films since then. Well, fans might be in for a good time since the movie appears to be using a classic Batman dynamic.

Speaking with Collider, Director of Photography Greig Fraser revealed that the movie will focus on the relationship between Alfred and Bruce Wayne. The comics have always managed to get some good material out of the inner turmoil Alfred has when Bruce has to go out and fight crime, often causing some friction between the two. It’s a dynamic not always explored in the movies so this could be great if executed well.

"I can tell you is what some of the actors have gone away and said. It is a character based movie about the characters, about Andy Serkis’ character and Robert Pattinson’s character. It’s a very good script, like all of Matt’s scripts it’s very good, very well thought out."

Director Matt Reeves is usually character-centric with his scripts if the recent Planet of the Apes trilogy is anything to go by. We’re sure the mix of this relationship and elements from stories like The Long Halloween could make for an immensely entertaining Batman movie; one that could actually be unique to movie viewers.

The Batman is currently scheduled for an October 2021 release date.

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