Get Final Fantasy VII Remake DLC by Buying Butterfingers

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
February 28, 2020  01:39 PM

It’s time for one of those weird inter-brand promotions as Square Enix has teamed up with Butterfinger for some odd Final Fantasy VII Remake DLC. Don’t worry, this won’t be one of those essential DLC packs that will add stories to the game, just some extra items and fun freebies for the diehard Final Fantasy fans. This is definitely odd but it happens with games a lot these days.

Most of the DLC appears to be extra accessories you can equip to have an advantage in battles. We doubt that these will be exclusive to Butterfinger wrappers of all things but it’s a neat bonus nonetheless. Fans of the original game will recognize these items, so this won’t be a huge deal when it comes to DLC. However, there is one extra incentive to pick up these chocolate bars.


Apparently, you can get a “free” Tifa Dynamic Theme for your PS4 if you participate and buy some chocolate. Before you get too thirsty (or hungry), the art is just Tifa looking up at the stars, which has been revealed a while back. Still, it is a nice wallpaper and should be a solid enough bonus for those that plan on participating.

Have fun and buy your favorite chocolates! You can get the Final Fantasy VII Remake DLC by buying Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, or Crunch. Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming out on April 10 for the PS4, while the DLC will be available on March 3.

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