DC Announces Injustice Prequel Injustice: Year Zero

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July 31, 2020  01:10 PM


After a number of teases from Injustice writer Tom Taylor, DC Comics has finally announced that Taylor will be working on a new prequel series called Injustice: Year Zero. Much like previous Injustice comics, these will be digital-first releases with single issues compiling the first three releases for physical reading. This is pretty great news since Taylor’s comics in this universe have always been a delight, though we are bummed that a new game hasn’t been announced.

ComicBook.com reveals that three issues will be launched TODAY, while future stories will be released twice monthly. Having three issues right off the bat should whet the appetite of some hardcore Injustice fans and it does have us wondering how many stories are planned. If the previous Injustice comics are anything to go by, we’ll likely get 36 digital issues and 12 physical ones.



The first arc of Injustice: Year Zero is called Fall of the Old Gods and focuses on how members of the Justice League uncover how the Justice Society of America fought during World War II. That might not sound a lot like a proper Injustice story but when you consider that The Joker also has a mischievous plan involving controlling the Justice League, some heads are likely to roll (literally).

Ever since helming the stories for Injustice: Year One, Year Two, and half of Year Three, while also completing the Injustice 2 prequel comics, Tom King has become quite the superstar. He not only made another “what if Superman were evil?” story work but the man also somehow made zombies feel fresh again with DCeased. We know he’ll work his magic here like he usually does.

Injustice: Year Zero is different from Injustice: Ground Zero and is a prequel to the original comic book series set before the first game. The first three issues are available now in Comixology, while future issues will be released twice a month. Physical issues will then collect three digital issues per issue.

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