My Hero Academia Reveals the Fourth One For All User

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March 08, 2021  04:37 PM

My Hero Academia has baffled many fans for years as to how the One for All would be when it is introduced to its quirk. The series has dealt with the power which will be surpassing and reaching new heights with all the new details of the quirk which has just been revealed.

Previously, the former users of One For All are those who are kept within the quirk and now, Izuku gets the chance to be introduced to the fourth user of the One For All at long last.

My Hero Academia Reveals the Fourth One For All User

My Hero Academia Chapter 304 arrived this week with the revelation of Izuku learning about the fourth wielder of the One For All. Hikage Shinomori is the fourth person to take ahold and wield the One For All and his story is not what is expected by everyone or anyone at all as much of his life has been kept secret for so long, All Might himself even tried to keep the cause of Shinomori’s death a secret to Izuku.

It was revealed that Hikage Shinomori died very strangely at the age of 40 and what’s surprising is that he died of natural causes which convinced All Might that his theory was correct about the One For All.

The big revelation is that the quirk is at its best when it is put inside a vessel with no quirk inherent to push it. As for Hikage’s strange case, he has a qual quirk tool that caused his body to deteriorate and become ill by the time he reached his 30s. At 40, Hikage is dying and his death taught something important to All Might as regards the One For All – only the ones without quirks can take on the One For All suit at its best. This allowed All Might to wield his power so great for such a long time.

One For All now has the perfect candidate on who will take on the One For All as a vessel: Izuku. Besides, with Shikagari at his most powerful form to date, only Izuku’s quirk can prevent the villain from turning the world upside down. While things can become wilder than expected for Izuku, he is the only one who can perfectly fit the One For All and save the world.

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