Mark Hamill Shares His Thoughts on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
December 17, 2016  02:13 PM

Rogue One, the first standalone film from the galaxy, far, far away, was released this weekend, and it has received a lot of praise from critics and fans. It currently got a score of 84% in Rotten Tomatoes, and you can read our review here. This is huge for Disney since this is the first time a Star Wars film other than the Skywalker main storyline was presented for the silver screen. So what does Luke Skywalker actor, Mark Hamill think about the film?

Hamill recently saw the film, and he took it to Twitter to share his thoughts:

As you can see in the above tweet, Hamill is a fan of Rogue One. He thought that it was an absolute thrill ride from beginning to end, praised the stellar cast, and clarified that the film is a good movie by any standards, not just as a Star Wars film. 

An hour after Hamill's first tweet, the actor took it to Twitter again to explain why he loves Rogue One: A Star Wars Story:

It's good to hear Hamill's thoughts about the film. Considering that some critics criticized the film for its pacing, Hamill seems to disagree with this, and belives that Rogue One is consistently thrilling from beginning to end. 

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