Fortnite Reveals Nintendo's Samus Aran Skin in New Leak

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Content Creator
May 03, 2021  04:32 PM

Over the last year, Fortnite has featured PlayStation and Xbox exclusive characters as skins, and now it looks like Nintendo players will also get their own exclusive skin: Samus Aran! 

Epic Games and Apple trial kicked off on Monday morning, and there was an in-house presentation about Fortnite that was made public. The presentation mostly went over things featured in the game last year, including several skins, including guest characters from other IPs, such as Kratos, Naruto, the Avengers, and Master Chief. Some upcoming skins have been revealed as well, including Samus Aran, the popular progtaonist of the Metroid series. 

You can check out the document shared by The Verge here, and you can find an image of Samus on page 58. Epic hasn't revealed when the Samus Aran skin will be released on Fortnite, but they might wait closer to the release of Nintendo Switdch's Metroid Prime 4, which doesn't have an official release date yet. 


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Personally, I'm not a big fan of seeing charcters like Samus and Master Chief skins in Fortnite because they seem to be too superficial, lacking the characteristics of the actual characters. 

Are you excited to see Samus in Fortnite

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