Fantastic Preview For The Warcraft Prequel Graphic Novel - Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
June 10, 2016  01:49 PM

Duncan Jones' Warcraft film is already out in theaters worldwide today, and although it wasn't well-received by critics and that it was expected to flop at the box office, it's smashing records in China, and this opening weekend in the U.S. could smash expectations as well. Our reviewer Dave Gigg gave it a mixed review, and I've seen some mixed reviews in Warcraft fan groups on Facebook as well. 

If you're one of those fans who enjoyed it, you might want to check out this graphic novel that was created in conjunction with the film called Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood, which takes place about 30 years before the events of the film, and focuses on "an Azeroth-saving adventure undertaken by a young Llane, Lothar and Medivh."

Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood was written by Paul Cornell from a story by Chris Metzen, and the art was created by Mat Broome, Michael O’Hare, Eddie Nunez, Roy Allan Martinez, Ale Garza, and Mike Bowden. Artist Kevin Tong designed the cover art. 


In a fantasy action epic set decades before the film, the young and headstrong Llane, Lothar, and Medivh embark on a mission of vengeance that will forge them into heroes… the kind of heroes Azeroth will need in its darkest hour.

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