Dragon Ball Super Artist Explains Where The Idea of Granolah Comes From

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Content Creator
August 10, 2021  02:12 PM

The latest Dragon Ball Super arc in the manga introduces a new antagonist with strong ties to the Saiyan's origins and a dark past that motivated him to avenge the tragedy of his Cerealian race. Before Shueisha continues the saga in the next chapter releasing later this month, the manga's current artist Toyatarou, was recently interviewed about the origins of Dragon Ball Super's intergalactic bounty hunter. 

Granolah Dragon Ball Super

The official Dragon Ball website released a new interview video in which writer/artist Toyotarou discussed the Granolah the Survivor arc. The mangaka revealed that he was the one who created Granolah, while series creator Akira Toriyama was the one who created the Heeters, the wealthy space crime syndicate that's looking to manipulate Granolah into killing Freeza so they can control the iconic villain's empire. 

When designing Granolah, Toyatarou went into detail about Granolah's Western design, revealing that he had a goal to turn the lone Cerealian survivor into a sniper, and that explains why he is wearing a unique pair of goggles. The current artist/writer of Dragon Ball Super noted that he wanted to give Granolah a steampunk aesthetic with old-fashioned style of clothing to give him the impression of being in both the past and the future. 

Toyatarou also talked about why he made Granolah's goggles talk, and recalled what Toriyama told him, "If there aren't two characters moving together, we never know what they're thinking." 

The mangaka also talked about the design of the Heeters, revealing that their initial designs were rejected multiple times before getting the approved by Toriyama. He also said that Oil and Macki were designed for comedic relief. 

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While Toriyama didn't create Granolah, he still gave the final approval in the inclusion of this unique character, and he clearly has a hand in pushing the shonen's story forward. 

As teased last week, the second interview video with Toyotarou will be released next week, before the official release of the next Dragon Ball Super manga chapter. 

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