How To Get The Valorant ‘Pay Respects’ Gun Buddy

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October 20, 2020  02:04 PM

Riot Games and Twitch are teaming up again with yet another Valorant Gun Buddy attachment after giving away the Netter Treter previously.

The new Gun Buddy is a funny cosmetic item you won't be able to get in Valorant, and it's something you can show off to your friends (and enemies) in Riot's tactical first-person shooter game. The new item pays homage to the popular "Press F to pay respects" meme. 


To get the new Pay Respects Gun Buddy, as well as any Prime Gaming exclusive drops available in the future, here are the steps:

1. Go to your Twitch connections to make sure your Twitch and Riot Games accounts are linked.

2. Go to the Valorant page on Prime Gaming.

3. Log in to Amazon Prime Gaming, or sign up for it ($12.99 per month)

4. When you're logged in, click 'Claim Now' on the Pay Respects Gun Buddy to claim the item, and it should be added to your in-game inventory next time you log in Valorant


The Valorant Prime Gaming page also shows that members can "Unlock Gun Buddies and a Spray in Valorant)," which suggests the next drop might be an exclusive spray. 

I would love to get this Gun Buddy, so I might subscribe to Prime Gaming to claim this free Valorant cosmetic. 

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