Gintama's Live-Action Posters are Glorious

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By Gel Galang | More Articles
December 06, 2016  11:28 AM

Get your hearts ready for some official posters. The Gintama live-action film Twitter has officially released the posters showing off the Yorozuya in all their costumed glory.

We have Shun Oguri sporting the silver-haired tenen parma look for our beloved samurai. we can also appreciate the details on his costume—though we have to see his full white and blue patterned yukata to complete the look. His Lake Touya bokuto also makes an appearance, so we have to wonder if it will see some action in the film—as we have seen in the Benizakura arc.

There’s also Shinpachi Shimura, played by Masaki Suda. Let’s take a moment to appreciate just how perfect he looks—yes, we mean the glasses, and also Shinpachi as well. There’s a shoutout of Otose’s bar below and the Yorozuya headquarters above.

Finally, there’s Kagura. I must say she looks a little more mature here than I would’ve wanted. But Kanna Hashimoto has that innocent girl look, which should transform into the gluttonous girl when faced with food.

The costumes and hair are all impeccable. Even Kagura’s parasol and headpiece (nod once if you know what it’s really made for) are perfectly detailed.

I hope we can get a glimpse of the other characters. I’m very interested how Sougo Okita, Toshiro Hijikata, Katsura, and Takasugi will all look like in their costumes.

The Gintama live-action film will be out in theaters in Japan in summer 2017. While that wait is still fairly long, we have a new TV anime series coming in Jan. 8, 2017. Who’s with me when I say 2017 is going to be a great year?

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