Pokemon Fan Loses It After Acquiring a Pair of Shiny Star V Charizard Cards

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November 25, 2020  02:09 PM

Pokemon cards have long been a hot commodity in the world of trading card gaming but it can't be denied that the hit TCG has been experiencing quite a resurgence in popularity and value as of late. A lucky Pokemon card collector has unearthed a pack which consists of not one, but two Shiny Star V Charizard cards and he's going crazy over the amazing find, and for good reason.

YouTuber user Collect Pokemon was able to acquire a special Japanese TCG pack in which collectors have a one in 600 chance of opening up what's being referred to as the "God pack." Fortunately, for him, he was able to score a pair of the said Charizard cards which individually cost hundreds of dollars on the secondary market. I'm not quite sure how rare those cards are but his reaction is pretty priceless. See him absolutely lose his sh*t below: 

Pokemon cards have proven to be a worthy investment and it isn't too hard to understand why players and collectors are going loco over them these days. With the upcoming 25th anniversary of the brand just around the corner, expect the value of some cards to skyrocket. Isn't it amazing how Pokemon still remains popular and relevant over two decades since its inception?

Speaking of Pokemon Journeys: The Series is currently streaming on Netflix.

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