New Superman & Lois Character Could Lead to Melissa Benoist's Supergirl Return

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October 28, 2020  11:17 AM


A lot of fans are still reeling over the fact that The CW's Supergirl series starring Melissa Benoist will be bidding farewell after following its sixth and final season. A lot of fans think the move was made to pave the way for the upcoming Superman & Lois series which will see the return of Tyler Hoechlin as the Man of Steel and Bitsie Tulloch as Lois Lane. Interestingly, Melissa's character which is directly associated with Hoechlin's Superman could still potentially make her way back to the Arrowverse and a new development suggests it's likely going to happen in the future.

The CW show recently added actress Stacey Farber to the cast and she's set to play a new character named Leslie Larr. It's not confirmed yet but the character could definitely be based on the iconic DC Comics villain Lesla-Lar who's had quite a number of run-ins with the Girl of Steel. Of course, this suggests that Kara Danvers could make her way back to the franchise to help her cousin Clark and the possible threats that surround him and Lois Lane. The CW could also opt to recast Melissa but that would cause a tremendous amount of backlash for sure and they wouldn't want that to happen.

As it stands, the door is still wide open for Melissa to make her triumphant return in the DC TV universe and I don't see any reason for it not to go down at some point given the fact that Supergirl easily became a fan-favorite show and Kara pretty much became the female face of the franchise. It still kinda sucks though that Benoist's exploits are Kara Zor-El has been cut short but hey, anything can happen in the Arrowverse. Let's wait and see what happens next.


Superman & Lois is expected to drop in 2021.

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