New Data Reveals Which Superhero is Wealthier Between Batman and Iron Man

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November 09, 2020  02:37 AM


When you think of the wealthiest superheroes in existence in the world of comic books, the names Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark instantly come to mind, and for good reason. Both characters have long been associated with wealth and power and their resources prove to be vital as they serve as their respective teams' financial backers. But the real question is, which between them is actually richer? Turns out, it's none other than the heir and current Wayne Enterprises CEO and we've got actual data to back it up.


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According to Vanquis' superhero salary data, the Bat-family patriarch has an annual salary of £751,566. That is a whopping $988,902 per year when converted to American dollars. The owner of Stark Industries comes a close second, with an annual income of £699,205 ($920,006). Other heroes that made it to the list are the likes of Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow (£679,514/$894,098), Doctor Strange (£300,021/$394,765), Professor X (£100,329/$132,012), and surprisingly, Deadpool who earns a yearly income of £136,800 or $180,000.


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Now, it shouldn't come as a surprise how Bruce Wayne still remains to be the richest guy in all of comics. After all, he inherited all of his late parents' wealth and resources and has since taken over Wayne Enterprises following their tragic passing. Taking nothing from Stark though as he seems to be doing great as well. Now, could you imagine if these two super-wealthy gentlemen joined forces? The amount of financial power they'll possess will just be too much. Can they co-exist though? That will always be the question. 

Speaking of Batman, Ben Affleck is set to make his DCEU return in the Snyder Cut of Justice League, dropping on HBO Max next year.

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