Man of Steel Star Henry Cavill Becomes the MCU's Captain Britain in Stunning Image

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May 07, 2021  10:45 AM

Warner Bros. stunned fans this week when it was announced that they're moving forward with their Superman reboot. News about the project first surfaced last February and as it turns out, the studio is looking to do a reimagining of the mighty Kryptonian who is now set to be portrayed by a black man. And no, we're not talking about either Calvin Ellis or Val Zod as the J.J. Abrams-produced film will feature a black Kal-El aka Clark Kent.

What's even more appalling is the fact that the news came out on Henry Cavill's 38th birthday and the general belief within the fandom right now is that the studio is clearly sending a message to the actor that they will no longer be needing his services. But it's also worth mentioning that the reboot isn't set in the DCEU so the chances of Cavill returning are still on the table.

Now, fans are persuading the star of Netflix's The Witcher to explore greener pastures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For months now, Cavill has been rumored to jump ship to the MCU as either Captain Britain or Hercules. Amid all the hype surrounding the actor's potential Marvel casting, digital artist @britedit is hyping up the what-if scenario with an awesome artwork depicting him as Brian Braddock. Check it out here:

Cavill's future in the DC film franchise isn't looking all that promising right now and he sure could use a fresh start in the MCU. However, the actor himself has made it clear in the past that he intends to stay in the DCEU despite the apparent lack of plans WB has for him. Whether the Superman reboot changes his feelings or not remains to be seen but honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing him jump ship if in fact, his days as the Man of Steel are over.

Meanwhile, Henry Cavill is set to return in Season 3 of The Witcher.

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