Even Temuera Morrison Has No Idea How Boba Fett Survived the Sarlacc Pit

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December 08, 2020  10:33 AM


The Mandalorian's action-packed Chapter 14 saw the return of Temuera Morrison and we finally had confirmation that he's actually Boba Fett and not some other clone of his father Jango. We thought for sure that the episode would finally address what actually happened with Fett following his fatal plunge into the Sarlacc Pit, but the subject was never really discussed.


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Now, the Star Wars alumnus is sharing more details about his surprise return and the fate of his character in the hit Disney+ series moving forward. In his latest interview with the New York Times, Morrison revealed how he found out about his involvement in The Mandalorian. According to him, he's long been waiting for the character's return to the franchise. When he finally got the call that Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni were interested in bringing him back, he said, "I wasn’t even quite sure what 'The Mandalorian' was about, but I kind of knew that Jango and Boba had their own Mandalorian history. At the time, I was in Los Angeles, meeting on another film, so I was pleasantly surprised to get the call. I actually got to the meeting quite early — I was so excited I got there about two hours early — and there were conceptual drawings on the wall. I saw an image that looked like me, and I said, I’m sure that’s me. But even then, I didn’t want to get too excited."

A lot of Star Wars fans have been wondering all these years how Boba was able to survive his Sarlacc fall. Apparently, even Temuera himself has no idea how the famed bounty hunter was able to remain alive after all those years. He said, "Ah, no, I don’t. There are quite a bit of loose ends, and I’m not one of those guys that knows too much about the actual history. The fans of “Star Wars,” have a better knowledge of, What’s happened? How can he still be alive? I thought he was stuck in this place? I can find out more on the internet."

It's quite baffling when you think about it as one would think that Favreau and Filoni had everything figured out from the get-go. It's also safe to assume that George Lucas never intended for Boba Fett to return to the franchise because his survival has remained unanswered. On the other hand, the show's writers may have already come up with an explanation but they're just keeping everything under wraps even to Morrison. Maybe to create a little suspense? I don't know but expect it to be addressed really soon.

The second season of The Mandalorian is already streaming on Disney+.

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