Black Widow: New Report Debunks Robert Downey Jr.'s Rumored Cameo

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November 09, 2020  10:45 AM


Robert Downey Jr. seems to be enjoying his life outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe but even though he's been relieved of his superhero duties following Tony Stark's heroic death in Avengers: Endgame, persistent rumors have been swirling all over the internet since last year suggesting that the MCU patriarch could be making a cameo appearance in Marvel Studios' solo Black Widow film.


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A new report from insider Amit Chaudhari (via The Direct) says that Downey's supposed cameo in the film might not be happening as previously speculated. In a tweet, Chaudhari said that a source attached to the film told him that there's no RDJ appearance in the movie. He wrote: "Got more confirmation about Tony Stark's absence in #BlackWidow movie. Another source attached to the film told the same that there's no cameo scene in the movie. It's really doubtful. Not sure if all of these official folks are trying to hide it or not."


This may sound like it's no big deal to some fans but they don't realize how vital a Tony Stark appearance in the film would be. People tend to forget that Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff actually share quite the history together in the MCU. To give you a refresher, Natasha made her debut appearance in the franchise in 2010's Iron Man 2, and she and Stark have been close allies since.

And considering the fact that Black Widow takes place following the tension-filled events of Captain America: Civil War, it would've been interesting to see how Tony responded to Nat's "betrayal" of Team Iron Man when she let Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes escape. Heck, even if we set all those scenarios aside, seeing RDJ do a cameo one more time would be totally awesome. However, if it doesn't happen in Black Widow, I'm pretty sure it'll still go down in the future and that is something to look forward to.

That said, Black Widow is slated to hit theaters in May 2021.

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