Titans is Building Up To Robin's Transformation into Nightwing

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November 05, 2018  01:22 PM


DC’s Titans series is finally here, and though it has been getting praise for some character choices for Beast Boy and Starfire, the same can’t be said for Robin. As of now, audiences are considering this live-action Dick Grayson to be a bit underwhelming, but as it turns out, the show is building up to him becoming Nightwing.

Talking to DC Comics, executive producer Geoff Johns explains:

"We talked a lot about starting Dick Grayson as Nightwing… We all got to a point where we're going to miss and hop over what I think is a really interesting period of Dick Grayson's life where he left Batman and he was struggling to find a new identity and who he was."

When the series first debuted, it looked like Robin has gotten a strained relationship with Batman, but it looks like by the end, he will have found his own peace of mind and will transition into a more well-adjusted hero—Nightwing.

Johns continues:

"We took a sliver of the comics that dealt with Dick Grayson post-Batman a little bit and amplified that even more, exploring what that period for Dick Grayson was really like… Nightwing is such a stable, confident, emotionally balanced character—he's Dick Grayson when he's found his place in the world. We wanted to build up to him becoming Nightwing."

For now, it looks like the series has a long way to go when it comes to developing these characters. By the end, I’m sure we’re going to get some more heroes in the roster as well as some more comic-accurate looks for characters. Let’s also not forget the build-up to Nightwing as well as the rumored introduction of Superboy.

Titans is currently streaming on DC Universe.

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