Nickelodeon Slams People Criticizing Their Promo for the All That Reboot

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June 02, 2019  04:39 PM

One of the most defining shows of the 90s was Nickelodeon’s All That, and the network is set to revive the series along with original actors Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson. Nick has just released a new promo for the show with the new cast of kids, but a lot of people ended up hating it online. The thing though is: the show is not for them.

This was the promo that Nick released:

And before you go on about Nick ruining your childhood, the studio has a reminder for you:

Though we may look at All That with rose-colored glasses now, I’m sure people who never even saw the show back then wouldn’t think it was so funny now. Those Good Burger sketches and  Ask Ashley skits may have been hilarious when you were young, but maybe it’s just the nostalgia getting to you.

Admittedly, I would rather the ad just showcase all the kids and some of the characters they would be playing in the show. Just because they’re singing about being ‘funny’ doesn’t really sell it. But I’m no kid; maybe some preteens will watch this and think it’s completely up their alley.

The All That revival is set to come to Nickelodeon on June 15.

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