Image of Spider-Man in Morbius Comes from the PS4 Game

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January 13, 2020  12:02 PM

It was reported earlier today that Spider-Man would be having a presence in the upcoming Morbius movie in the form of “Wanted” posters, and with the first trailer coming out later today, some people online who have already seen the preview have noticed something funny in the background.

As it turns out, the production has taken an image straight out of the Spider-Man PS4 game, slapped the word “murderer” on it, and put it in the background of the movie:

While I personally think it’s a neat Easter Egg, some people are accusing Sony of being lazy when it comes to the film. If anything, they should have made some original images of Spider-Man with his Far from Home suit; the one in the photo is not only from the game, but the skin is based on Spidey’s suit from the Sam Raimi films. I guess continuity is just out the window when it comes to these Sony movies.

If anything, Morbius is one of the more obscure comic book properties when it comes to the general audience, so I would imagine that they would want people to know that this film exists in the same universe as Spider-Man. Besides the photos of Spidey in the background, it’s also been said that J.K. Simmons will be reprising his role as the new J. Jonah Jameson from FFH as well.

While I thought the movie had some redeeming qualities, I was not a fan of Venom as a whole, and I’m kind of walking into Morbius with a certain amount of skepticism. Hopefully, the trailer looks great, and it should cement Sony’s decision on pushing forward with their “Spider-Verse”—or not. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Catch Morbius when it hits theaters July 31.

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