Elseworlds' Flash Wardrobe Department Poke Fun at Stephen Amell After the Crossover

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November 07, 2018  12:10 PM


This December will see a huge crossover event for The CW’s Arrowverse in the form of Elseworlds, and it will have the whole world of the Flash, Green Arrow, and Supergirl turned upside down, with characters changing allegiances—even powers. We know that Stephen Amell will end up wearing the Flash outfit this time around, and the wardrobe department had left a fun gift for Amell after production.

Check it out:

So far, the only characters we know that will have a drastic shift will be Green Arrow and the Flash, but we do know that there will be an ‘evil’ Superman (Tyler Koechlin) who will be wearing a black suit. We have no idea how Supergirl’s world will be turned upside down. But what if her role was reversed with Superman, in a sense that she’s the baby who crashes lands on Earth, and that she will have to teach a younger Kal-El the ways of Earth? It’s just a wild pitch.

Besides the established heroes, the Elseworlds crossover event will also feature the debut of Batwoman played by Ruby Rose. We don’t know for how much she’ll be in the main story, but hopefully, she gets enough hype to get everyone excited for her solo series coming next year.

With the DCEU planning on introducing alternate realities with their Joker movie next year, it’s interesting that the Arrowverse would like to do it first with their crossover event this December. Then again, alternate reality episodes are inevitable whenever it comes to television dramas,

Elseworlds is a three-night crossover event that starts on Dec. 9 and ends Dec. 11.

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