Chernobyl Creator to Reboot Pirates of the Caribbean for Disney

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October 28, 2019  04:48 PM

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise had hit an all-new low with Dead Men Tell No Tales, but Disney s looking to keep the franchise going, this time without Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow. News has it that they found someone else to take the reins of the franchise, and it’s the same person behind HBO’s fantastic Chernobyl miniseries.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Disney has hired Craig Mazin to develop a new story for the next PotC film. It’s also said that franchise veteran Ted Elliot will also help Mazin with the script. While Mazin did do some fantastic work with Chernobyl a lot of people have been questioning his part work with films like the last two Hangover entries as well as Superhero Movie, and Scary Movies 3–4.

If anything, Mazin’s work on Chernobyl seems to be a testament to Mazin’s skills now, and I’m pretty much looking forward to what he has to offer. While a character like Jack Sparrow seems to come once in a lifetime for a franchise like Pirates, I’m sure Disney could find someone to be the new mysterious antihero of the franchise. I’m pretty sure they (and even Depp himself) want to put the antics of Captain Jack Sparrow behind them.

If you want an alternate look at Mazin’s work, he’s credited as one of the writers for the Charlie’s Angels reboot coming out in November. No release date has been set for the next Pirates of the Caribbean film.

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