Bumblebee: New Images Released of the G1 Era Autobots and Decepticons

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December 23, 2018  04:01 PM


One of the biggest hooks for the Bumblebee movie is that the film will be embracing the G1 designs of the Autobots and Decepticons, and boy do they look amazing. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have a better look at War on Cybertron and all of the robot participants.

Check them out:


Director Travis Knight had this to say about bringing the Transformers to screen in his own way:

“It was complete wish-fulfillment for me. The whole film was a joy to make and there were obviously a lot of pressures and whatnot, but as I look back it really was a creative and rewarding experience. The moment of high-spirited joy, the most giddy I ever was, was when we were doing the Cybertron sequence. It was just such complete fun.”

With the movie being a period piece, it was said that the look for the Transformers was kept for that 80s feel. I have to say, with the way everyone trashed on the Michael Bay films, a lot of fans are suddenly onboard for this simpler, more contained story with Bumblebee. It also helps that you can actually identify his individual parts as compared to the old Transformers movies where everyone just looked like scrapmetal come to life.

So far, reviews for Bumblebee have been good. A lot of fans of the original have preferred it to the Bay movies, and I’m sure this film will delight new and veteran fans alike. We’ll see by the end of the month how Bumblebee fairs with the heavyweights like Aquaman and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse though.

Catch Bumblebee in theaters now.

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