The 12 Weirdest Encounters Between Superman and Batman

Author Thumbnail Caitlin Donovan March 17, 2016 20:13 PM

4Big-head Batman versus Caveman Superman

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World's Finest #151 told a story where Batman is zapped with doohickey that evolves him 800,000 years. Apparently in 800,000 years humans will have giant heads and godlike powers because that’s what happens to Bruce.He also decides to be a huge jerk and decides to turn Superman into a neanderathal. The book says this is the ray’s fault, but I don’t buy it. Being smart doesn’t automatically translate to being an ass- I guess Bruce just is prone to power trips. 

5Batman and Superman make Robin and Jimmy Olsen Dig Their Own Graves

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World’s Finest #195 has one of those covers typical of the Silver Age (1950’s-early 70's era of comics), where Superman or another hero is doing something ridiculously evil and the story inside explains why in a convoluted way. In this case, he and Batman are making their sidekicks dig their own graves before murdering them. What’s perhaps most notable about this is that whoever wrote this forgot that Batman does actually have a code against killing.

The story inside is as bizarre as the cover suggests. Basically, Batman and Superman try to infiltrate the mafia, but Batman is bamboozled into thinking he really IS a mafia don. Superman is forced to pretend he has also turned evil and snap Bats back to himself. The mafia demands the two kill Jimmy and Robin to prove their loyalty. A tearful speech from Robin gets Bats back to normal and they both instead just PRETEND to murder their sidekicks...

... even going so far as the present the mafia with their hearts, claiming they had prepared a box specifically for the occasion. 


6The Saga of the Super-Sons

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"The Super-Sons” may be the strangest thing Superman and Batman have ever been involved with, and if you’ve gotten this far on the list, you know that’s saying a lot. These stories started with World’s Finest #215 and were purported to be the ABSOLUTELY REAL, NOT IMAGINARY STORY of Supes and Bats’ sons. (The Silver Age tended to have a lot of out-of-continuity “what-if” stories, so readers had to be extra-assure this wasn’t one of those).

Basically, these were the two swingin’ college age sons of Batman and Superman and some unnamed faceless women. They looked exactly like Bruce and Clark, donned their exact costumes and were even named Bruce Jr. and Clark Jr. Real creative, guys. They spoke in cringe-worthy exaggerated 1970’s “youth” slang and Bruce Jr. was even- horror of horrors- a hippie!

The super-sons adventures mostly involved rebelling against their parents,who consistently treated them like dirt. For instance, Clark super disapproved of his son working at a soup kitchen and forbade him to use his powers. So much for our hero of the people.

Eventually and unsurprisingly, DC went back on the whole “this is totally the real future of these characters” thing and the “super-sons” were revealed to be some twisted computer simulation Bruce and Clark made in the Fortress of Solitude. They admitted they didn’t really include the boys’ mothers in the simulation because they didn’t seem relevant. Guys, it’s okay. You can admit you were trying to see what it would be likeif you had kids with each other. 

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