9 Things From Star Wars History That No Longer ‘Exist’

Author Thumbnail Jon Arvedon January 13, 2018 13:54 PM

9The Emperor’s New Clones

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In both canon and Legends, Emperor Palpatine is killed when Darth Vader throws him down the core reactor shaft of the second Death Star. However, while Palpatine may never return in-canon, he did manage to cheat death in the EU.

Prior to his demise, Palpatine sought to increase his lifespan because, unlike the Sith before him, he had no intention of being usurped by his apprentice. Instead of increasing his lifespan, though, he instead learned to master the art of spirit transference, which would allow him to preserve his life force after death.

Palpatine created a near-endless supply of clones for his spirit to possess, and not long after his first death, he returned to once again plague Luke Skywalker. His spirit would continue to move on to a new clone body each time the old one deteriorated, right up until the very last one was shot in the back by Han Solo. Palpatine’s now-bodiless spirit then attempted to possess Han and Leia’s son Anakin, but before he could reach the boy’s body, the dying Jedi Empatojayos Brand jumped in the way, binding the soul to his own and taking it with him as he became one with the Force.

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