8 Spooky Video Game Urban Legends

Author Thumbnail Caitlin Donovan October 05, 2016 20:31 PM

5The 'Bezerk' Curse

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This is the rumor of another game that caused deaths, though these deaths are verified. A video game called Bezerk killed a eighteen-year-old gamer named Peter Burkowski. Well, not exactly the game, but the stress of the game. Peter had a weak heart and even the stress from the prolonged gaming that earned him a high score was enough to make it give out. What's really eerie is that another player, Jeff Dailey, had died of heart attack a year earlier after getting a high score on the game. That kind of coincidence really makes the game look cursed…

6The 'Killswitch' Legend

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Killswitch was supposedly a Russian game  that had a limited release of only 5,000 copies back in 1989. It was a creepy survival horror game about a young girl and an invisible demon. When the game was beaten, or if the player died, it would self-delete, wiping all game files from the computer irretrievably.

According to legend, a copy of the game turned up on E-Bay and a man named Yamamoto Ryuichi got it for $733,000. He wanted to do a "let’s play" of the game for YouTube but the only video he ever posted was of himself crying silently while staring at the computer screen.

Of course, the game or this video have never actually been found. The story is thought to be based off a game in a short story by Catherine M. Valente that can be found in her collection The Melancholy of Mechagirl.

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