10 Things Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Got Wrong About Batman and Superman

Author Thumbnail Caitlin Donovan March 31, 2016 21:23 PM

9The Daily Planet should value journalistic integrity

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From Superman: Secret Origin

Throughout Superman's history, the Daily Planet had been represented as a news organization that tries to do the right thing, but this movie decided that wasn't cynical enough and presents the newspaper as preventing Clark from reporting real news. Which raises the question of why Clark doesn't find a better media organization to work for, but the movie seems to present an idea there's no such thing as journalistic intergrity in the modern age...

10Idealism is important for these characters

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From Superman by Tim Sale

In fact, when Clark is trying to get the Daily Planet to have some basic journalistic integrity, Perry White says “it’s not 1938 anymore”, referencing the year Superman debuted. And that gets down to the core of what Snyder believes and the root of all these problems I have. His movie has a disdain for the idealism of the source material. There is no moment of joy in this movie, no moment of hope or light or awe that you typically expect in superhero media...instead it's grim monotony.

He thinks the modern world is too corrupt and cynical to want a Superman and Batman who have ideals, who give us hope the world can get better. He thinks that’s best left to 1938. 

And that is nonsense.  The world is no more corrupt now than it was in the 30’s (World War II was on the horizon back then, after all). People can still enjoy heroes who have integrity and they still need light in their lives.

Superman and Batman can and should be flawed, interesting characters, but they should be characters who give us hope, who strive to do good and who are idealistic. The characters were intended to be something to aspire to and should impart a message you should care about your fellow humans, not a message that “no one is truly good.” I hope someday the DC Cinematic Universe remembers that. 

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