What Harry Potter Characters Would Look Like in a Nordic Universe

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By Althea Serad | More Articles
February 04, 2016  08:48 PM

Blizzard artist Even Amundsen has created his own Nordic version of the wizarding world of Harry Potter and it is hardcore.

His historic Nordic myth and magic take on the novels is extremely detailed. It’s complete with names for the Nordic counterparts of Hogwarts, the professors, and even the different departments. He’s also included the description of the characters on his website.


Check them out (complete with his descriptions of each character):


Torbjørn Jotunhorn, Headmaster

So I finished the Harry Potter books (again) not so long ago, and got the idea that it was incredibly unfair that we didn't have a school for the magical arts in Scandinavia. I mean, if they can see fit to open such establishments in England, France and Bulgaria, I think it only fair we have one up north as well, so here is our headmaster Torbjørn Jotunhorn


Hulda Kvænangsdottir, Professor of the Healing Arts

At last! The final member of the Vølurheim staff is Hulda Kvænangsdottir. She is the Professor of the Healing Arts, and for advanced senior students she also teaches a course in Ancient Blood Magic. She is one of the best known hulders to live openly amongst humans, and while it is common amonst her kinsmen to have a hard time feeling at home, she has found her place by sheer will of force. Her fascination with the old magicks, and her belonging amongst the hulderfolk, has her sympathetic to trolls and tusser (nordic feral goblins) and has her in almost constant conflict with Professor Draugsleiven


Grimstav Draugsleiven, Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts

Here is another member of staff, the fearsome Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, and veteran warlock of the Troll Wars, Grimstav Draugsleiven. Being one of the few wizards to have closely befriended and studied dwarf kind and has many of his tales engraved on his body in the form of tattoos that have been magically imbued with runes of protection and power, making him a very powerful wizard indeed. Even though dignified and reserved most of the time, he will make settling grudges a point of honor, and when irked might throw his robes aside and appear as one sees him here, ready teach some life lessons.


Ragnhild, Professor of Dragon Lore and Care

Third member of the faculty is the professor of Dragon Lore and Care, a specilaized class for senior students. Ragnhild Stubbemoen is a well known face in all circles where dragonlore is appreciated and is a world authority on the Norwegian Ridgeback. Ragnhild has held a teaching position at Vølurheim for an impressive 79 years and she is well known to get along better with her charges than with her students.


Dagfinn Snauholt, Keeper of Keys and Lights

This is Dagfinn Snauholt, Keeper og Keys and Lights at Vølurheim. He is the sole nisse on staff, and wages a never ending war against the mice that make the school their home, accompanied by his proud steed, Knerten.


Kari ‘’Mannevond’’ Sigfridsdottir, Professor of Charms and Curses

Areit! Here is the second member of the faculty, Kari "Mannevond" Sigfridsdottir, professor of Charms and Curses at our little school. Areit!


Mumrikk Stigandur, Professor of Herbology

Areit here is our next wizard. He is a rather mellow type, a wanderer, thinker, a friend to the shy and the timid, and a true son of nature. Mumrikk Stigandur is the Professor of Herbology at our little school, when he is not wandering far and wide throughout the magical world. The design of this guy will probably be quite familiar to those of you who are fans of the Moomin series, as he is heavily inspired by the character Snufkin, who goes by Snusmumrikken in norwegian. Could not pass up a chance at giving one of my favorite characters of all time a little nod^^


Amundsen has been creating the characters over the past year. My favorite would have to be Grimstav Draugsleiven, Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, since he looks like an older version of Aang, the Last Airbender Avatar. Nevertheless, I think all of Amundsen’s Nordic renditions are fantastic. 

I hope he’ll create versions of Harry and the gang, as well as the magical creatures in the HP universe. That would be awesome. Now I can’t help but imagine a Nordic Harry Potter mini movie too.

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