Top 14 Magic: the Gathering Rares and Mythics from Ravnica Allegiance That Will See Standard Play

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By Nick Price | More Articles MTG Expert and List Writer
January 22, 2019  11:28 AM

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In my last article, I looked at the top 10 Magic: the Gathering cards, plus one Honorable Mention, that defined the Standard format after the release of Guilds of Ravnica. I got some great feedback on the list, with friends and readers making strong cases for the inclusion of other cards they felt were format-defining. Their arguments really showed how fun and diverse this Standard has been, with different decks doing well at different times and against different matchups.

Today, I’ll be looking at Magic’s latest set Ravnica Allegiance, which is already out on Magic Arena and Magic Online, and picking out the rares and mythics I think could see play in the new Standard format.  If Allegiance is anything like Guilds was, we’ll be seeing a lot of new strategies and decks enter the fray in the coming months, especially with the release of the remaining Shocklands like Hallowed Fountain.

While some of my picks may be obvious Standard bombs, others are sweet cards I hope will be played for their unique designs, splashy effects, and potential for synergy

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