The Force Awakens Concept Art Reveals a Different Version of the Movie

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By Aaron Plants | More Articles
March 16, 2016  07:03 PM

Industrial Light & Magic, the company behind concept art for The Avengers, Jurassic World, and other blockbusters, just released 45 pieces of concept art for The Force Awakens. These images, created well before any CGI or physical props, show a different version of the movie that we will we never see on DVD or in theaters. 

One notable drawing in the collection illustrates a bearded Han Solo that is sporting an extravagant leather jacket and costume design. Other striking pieces include Luke Skywalker depicted like a well aged samurai warrior, a multitude of Kylo Ren helmet designs, and a Jedi battle between wielders of an orange and green lightsaber next to the Millennium Falcon.

Continue the list to check out the 45 pieces of epic concept art from The Force Awakens:






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