MTG Finance Guide: 15 Ixalan Cards You Should Buy, Sell, or Hold

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By Brian McCormick | More Articles Comic book geek and Magic: the Gathering player
October 05, 2017  02:32 PM

We've already seen some drastic swings in card value for Ixalan. Hostage Taker has risen the ranks from a $3 rare, and is now soaring close to $20 a pop! What's next to rise, and which cards will fall from grace? We will cover it all in this guide.

It is important to know that whenever a new set comes out there is always a shortage of supply of new cards. While a set is still being sold, the longer a set has been out, the greater the supply becomes. As supply increases, prices usually fall. This means, that the general trend for the overall value of a set, usually will decline over time. Obviously, there are some exceptions to this rule, but in general, this is true for new sets.

That being said, here are 15 cards from Ixalan you should Buy, Sell, or Hold:

1Carnage Tyrant

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Recommendation: SELL IMMEDIATELY!

This card is going to sink quicker than the Titanic! Sell your copies while you still can! Yes, this card is extremely powerful, but it just isn't seeing play. Carnage Tyrant is really an anti-meta card to keep control in check. The only Top 8 control deck being played now is U/W Approach, which runs Fumigate and Settle the Wreckage. Those cards don't care about Carnage Tyrant's evasive text box.

Carnage Tyrant is going to follow in Gisela's footprint. You can see how Gisela was spotted as an early powerful mythic rare. Its stats are strong, but it just never fit the meta, except for some niche conditions. (They are not similar in stats, but in that they are niche mythics that need the right deck and meta-conditions to see play).

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With 0 copies appearing in last weekends SCG Top 8, I expect Carnage Tyrant to mirror Gisela's fall from grace. Sell your copies now, because if it follows in Gisela's footsteps, you are going to lose over half your value in the coming weeks. Even if I'm wrong, it is unlikely Carnage Tyrant would rise much in value over the next few weeks, so you can always rebuy them later... as no card can maintain $25+ premium status without seeing any form of top tier play.

2Vona, Butcher of Magan

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Recommendation: Hold or Sell

With 2 copies appearing in a Top 8 SCG deck, Esper Gifts, Vona is in an interesting position. Currently, it is resting at about $5. If this mythic becomes an essential part of the deck, you could see this card rise potentially to $10+. But right now, that doesn't appear to be the case. Numerous 5-0 online decklists favor running The Scarab God instead. For this reason, I don't recommend buying this as an investment, and there isn't much to gain by selling it either. Vona is in a solid hold and wait to see position. If you think Esper Gifts will exclusively play The Scarab God, you will want to sell this off, as it would likely sink in value.

3Deathgorge Scavenger

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Recommendation: Buy

Deathgorge Scavenger is one of the most versatile and powerful 3 drops we have seen in a long time. I'd call this the Tireless Tracker of Ixalan. It is drawing comparisons to Kitchen Finks, although I would compare it more to Scavenging Ooze. Deathgorge is seeing a lot of SB play in green decks, and I wouldn't expect that to end anytime soon. With Ramunap Red and Esper Gifts being Top Tier decks with many 5-0 showings on Magic Online, and Top 8s at the SCG level, there is a need for life gain and graveyard removal. Scavenger fits the bill perfectly and can lay a beatdown as well.

Pick up your copies now, and don't sell what you have. I don't expect this guy to be dropping in price much until it rotates from Standard.

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