How Old Are Hori, Miyamura, and Hori’s Dad in Horimiya?

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September 03, 2021  12:14 PM

It is no doubt that Horimiya made viewers wish they have a love like Hori and Miyamura. The couple became instant relationship goals with how they handled their relationship. What is more interesting is that the couple does not follow the traditional gender stereotypes. There are times when Hori protects Miyamura from bullies, and there are times when Miyamura takes care of Hori.

The series is set in a school wherein Hori is a popular high school student while Miyamura is a gloomy and outcasted boy. With this setup, fans of the show have been curious as to what are the ages of the two protagonists. Adding to that is Hori’s Dad who suddenly came back to her life. Find out their real ages by reading through this article.


How Old Are Hori, Miyamura, and Hori’s Dad in Horimiya?

 How Old Are Hori, Miyamura, and Hori’s Dad in Horimiya? 1

Hori was born on March 25. She is an Aries, and she is 17 years old. She is very energetic and warm towards everybody, well, except her dad. She is cold towards him and would sometimes physically hurt him. Although she would prepare him food, she is not really close to him as he is always not around.

In contrast to Hori’s personality, Miyamura is gloomy and anti-social until Hori came into his life. He struggled with communicating with others after he was bullied in Junior High. Like Hori, Miyamura is an Aries, and he is 17 years old. He was born on April 17. After Hori and Miyamura got together, he became laid back and showcased his good side as a friend and boyfriend. He is also impulsive.

Kyousuke Hori or Hori’s dad is a supporting character in Horimiya. He got the attention of the viewers with his messy shoulder-length hair and intense fondness of Miyamura. He accepted Miyamura into the family and sees him as a son-in-law. He is 36 years old even if he doesn’t look and act like one.

Horimiya has a lot of interesting characters that will surely get the attention of the viewers. The series will also teach a lot of life lessons that viewers can relate to.

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