10 Problems That Are Slowly Ruining Star Wars

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By Richard Dorricott | More Articles
March 26, 2017  12:17 PM


A saga beginning in 1977, Star Wars has become a commercial powerhouse, singlehandedly responsible for three of the most iconic movies ever made, and three of the greatest travesties ever inflicted upon the human race.


After all, Star Wars has a universal appeal, and while certain aspects of the original trilogy may appear dated, the story will endure seemingly forever, only continuing to appreciate in value with each passing year. After all, Star Wars is a timeless concept, a boundless universe comprised of infinite possibilities in which archetypal heroes and villains collide in moments of excitement, tension and catharsis, and good always prevails over evil.

That said, the saga set in a universe far, far away from perfect - the prequels being only one of numerous problems with the franchise, problems that will doubtfully ever be addressed. Here are 10 more...

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