Zendaya Scores Key Role In Spider-Man Reboot

The Jon Watts-directed Spider-Man 2017 reboot starring Tom Holland was announced early last year. Now, Sony and Marvel Studios are starting to fill in the movie's cast list.

According to Deadline, former Disney actress-singer Zendaya just landed a key role in the film. After lying low testing for roles along with other actresses, the Shake It Up star was chosen to play the character, Michelle. There is no word yet on whether or not the character will be Peter Parker's current love interest, but if the creators of the upcoming Spider-Man franchise are planning on staying faithful to the comics, we'll either be seeing Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy as Peter's romance again.

Holland was the first actor cast in the new Spider-Man so that the character could join the Joe and Anthony Russo-directed Captain America: Civil War, which is the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe featuring the web slinger. Last summer, Marisa Tomei was cast to play Peter's Aunt May.

It could take a while before Marvel will decide on revealing how Michelle will specifically be involved in the wall crawler's upcoming web of events. Superhero movie castings have been known to be quite mysterious.

I'm guessing Zendaya to be one of Peter's closest friends in school rather than someone who would pick on him. Parker's bullies never lasted more than just one film and if Zendaya is to play a key role, then most likely she'll prove helpful to Spider-Man's existence in the next installments of the new reboot.

Spider-Man will swing in theaters on July 7, 2017.

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