Zatanna Writer Says DC Film Will Be 'Dark' and 'Scary'

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We already know that the Zatanna film is in the works although we haven't gotten any updates on the project. Luckily, Emerald Fennell has just opened up about being a part of the movie and she confirms that the project will be "quite dark" as well as "big and scary."

Back in March, it was confirmed that Fennell will pen the screenplay for Zatanna. The screenwriter has finally spoken up about the project and he told Empire that she is excited to write about the DC comic book character.

"There are lots of things about her that felt like they could be really, really interesting," Fennell said. She then revealed that she was eager to tackle a project with a darker theme.


"It'll be an opportunity to make something really quite dark. And that appealed to me, to make something big and scary. I love that stuff," Fennell said.

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Not surprisingly, Fennell is absolutely thrilled to be working on the project.


"The scale of [these movies] is so massive and so thrilling. Like, why wouldn't you want to write something like that when you can write huge, massive, crazy sequences and fights? Normally you're like, how can I show this in the smallest cheapest way?" she asked with a laugh. "To have complete freedom to really let your imagination run wild is such a joy."

It's awesome to know that Fennell already has big plans for Zatanna. Hopefully, we'll get more updates on the project soon.

Zatanna is still in development and has not yet started with the casting process. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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