Zack Snyder Unleashes Awesome Steppenwolf Redesign for Justice League Snyder Cut

We already know that Zack Snyder's version of Justice League will be a completely different monster from what we got to see in theaters. After all, the filmmaker had previously confirmed that the Snyder Cut will only feature scenes he shot himself. So it's no surprise that Snyder has revealed his redesign of Steppenwolf and it's much, much cooler.

Snyder shared the image on his Vero account along with an interesting caption. Check it out below.

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Credit: Zack Snyder/Vero

"Just working today pulled this out of the editorial sorry he's Low resolution but I've seen him in all his hi-Rez glory and he's a thing to behold quick question... how many f@*ks do you think he gives ???" Snyder wrote.

It's an amazing design that looks a lot more like the Steppenwolf that briefly appeared in the deleted scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but even more awesome. We can totally imagine this guy being something that the Justice League will be terrified to face and that should be a good thing.

Steppenwolf first appeared in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice deleted scene before he went on to be the main villain in Justice League, much to the disappointment of fans who were expecting Darkseid. On the other hand, there are speculations that Snyder Cut will actually bring in the supervillain next year.

What do you think of Steppenwolf's new design for the Justice League Snyder Cut? Sound off in the comments below.

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