Zack Snyder Thought Warner Bros. was Joking About a 2-Hour Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League is finally coming out next year and the trailer they showed during DC Fandome was a thing of beauty, giving fans a bunch of scenes that change this movie in a big way. Even with all of that, most fans were caught off-guard when it was announced that the "movie" would actually be a four-part series, with each installment lasting an hour each. Most would have expected a two-hour or three-hour movie but that isn't what Snyder wants.

Speaking with Reel in Motion, Snyder reveals that when Warner Bros. wanted the movie to be only two hours, he thought it was a joke. The director recalled how Batman V Superman was almost three hours and only centered on two characters (it also sucked). Reports say that Snyder did show them a two-hour cut but it was deemed unwatchable so they decided to hire Joss Whedon to make it worse.

Considering how his other movies are often better when allowed to be longer - see the Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition or Watchmen - they probably should have compromised to make it two and a half hours. Two hours is too little since Snyder loves to let scenes play out - for better or worse - and three hours is too long since this isn't a culmination of movies like Avengers: Endgame.

Then again, we're getting a four-hour monstrosity so here's hoping that move pays off. This will supposedly be Zack Snyder's super-duper cut of Justice League for grown-ups, so, like him or not, we're at least seeing an artist's vision come to fruition. At the least, this will be a much better viewing experience than the Whedon Cut.

Zack Snyder's Justice League comes out sometime next year on HBO Max.

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