26 Dec 2019 1:58 PM +00:00 UTC

Zack Snyder on Why He Hasn't Seen Joss Whedon's Cut of Justice League

Though Joss Whedon was everyone's hero when it came to The Avengers, he found himself the butt-end of fandom hate after he took over for Justice League. As it turns out, Zack Snyder hasn't seen the cut of the film, and he explains why.

On his Vero (via CBR), Snyder explains that it was his friends who told him not to watch the movie. He tells a fan, "People who I trust and who have seen the theatrical cut and the true cut have told me never to watch it."

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Credit: DC Cinematic/Reddit

When it comes to directors watching movies that they quit, I think it's normal to be apprehensive toward the "approved" version. For example, director Edgar Wright has said that he hasn't watched Peyton Reed's take on Ant-Man, and he described it as something similar to "watching your ex-girlfriend have sex with someone else." It's likely that Snyder would share the same kind of sentiment.


If anything, it looks like he's gotten a renewed passion for the project, and has been posting more and more photos and teasers for his version of the movie. We don't know what WB will decide to do with the film, but with Snyder and the rest of the cast publicly supporting #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, the studio has to be making some kind of consideration. If not a limited theatrical release, they could very well make it an HBO Max exclusive.

A Snyder Cut has not been officially announced, but the next DC film, Birds of Prey, hit theaters Feb. 7, 2020.

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