Zack Snyder Offended the Geeks & Gamers Community on Livestream

Zack Snyder's Justice League has been a long time coming with the fans pushing for it to happen. The Snyder cut was even referred to as the "mythical unicorn" by some people who didn't believe it exists. The 2021 film was certainly different from its 2017 version. No matter what the sentiment about the film is, one of the major factors that the movie happened was because of the fans.

However, many fans were displeased with some of the things Snyder mentioned on a livestream while there were others who were defending him. The issue started when Snyder went on a livestream with the Geeks & Gamers team before the release of the movie on HBO Max. The purpose was to raise money for suicide prevention.

Who or what is Geeks & Gamers?

For those people who don't know who or what Geeks & Gamers is, it is an online brand owned by Jeremy Griggs. As the website suggests, its online brand focuses on celebrating video games, movies, television, and all aspects of the geek community. There is a team behind the brand but Jeremy is the face of the brand.

The YouTube channel for Geeks & Gamers can be quite controversial for some people. The videos on the channel talk about virtue signaling, social justice warriors, and "woke" topics in Hollywood. Some people see the channel as hateful, others believe that Jeremy sheds light on the issues that are often canceled by what he referred to as the "Twitter mob."

In some videos, Jeremy even focuses on how some media outlets wrote hit pieces about him. Due to the current sensitivity brought by different political opinions, the brand is seen as a polarizing entity.

What is the issue of Zack Snyder with Geeks & Gamers?

During the production of Justice League, Snyder's daughter committed suicide which is why he had to step away from the project. The Snyder cut movement has raised over $500,000 for suicide prevention. To celebrate the release of the Snyder cut, Geeks & Gamers sponsored a livestream with the goal of raising funds for a charity dedicated to suicide prevention as well.

When Snyder went on the livestream, he made a statement that he is not affiliated with Geeks & Gamers. He also added that Justice League is about coming together and there is no room for hate. Some fans said that Snyder didn't associate Geeks & Gamers with hate and was making a separate statement about it, but others argued that Snyder threw them under the bus.

Here's Snyder's statement:

I know that on our donation page, we still have the Geeks & Gamers logo. I just want to say, I really talk about this, we are really not affiliated with Geeks & Gamers as far as I am concerned. I really just want to make that clear. I also wanna just say, that in light of recent events, if Justice League teaches us anything it's about coming together and there's no room for hate. I just think that it's an important message. As a father of Asian children, it really hits close to home. For me, I just want to put it out there, there's no room for hate and that's just what it's about.

Uche Nwaneri, an ex-footballer, was the main organizer of the livestream fundraiser event. In response to what Snyder said, Jeremy and a few others went on another livestream. Nwaneri said that there was an incident when Snyder shot a Green Lantern scene but was told by the studio to not proceed with it. If he does, they will shut down the production.

Nwaneri said that the same thing happened with the Geeks & Gamers situation. The studio allegedly told Snyder to distance himself from Geeks & Gamers. The ex-footballer also said that when Snyder talked to the studio, Snyder defended them but the last thing he was told was, "Do you want this movie?" If this is true, it means the studio made Snyder choose between Geeks & Gamers who have supported his vision for DC or his film.

Here is the livestream video of the response of the Geeks & Gamers team:

Other members of the livestream expressed disappointment with what Snyder said. However, everyone agreed that the livestream event has one purpose and that is about raising money for a noble cause.

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