Zack Snyder Didn't Choose Joss Whedon as His Replacement for Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League will be righting all of the wrongs from Joss Whedon's horrible cut. While Whedon was forced to work around the scenes Snyder already shot, we don't feel too bad for him getting chewed out right now due to the accusations of him being abusive towards the cast and crew of Justice League. Unsurprisingly, Zack Snyder did not choose Whedon as his replacement and apparently, wasn't given a choice on the matter.

During a panel for Justice-Con, Snyder said that it was his choice to leave Justice League due to the tragic circumstances surrounding his family but was not able to choose his replacement. Apparently, Warner Bros. were the ones to make Whedon his replacement, likely due to the success of The Avengers, which got all of the good reviews back in the day.

Considering how Snyder and Whedon have two completely different directing and writing styles, we can all agree that Warner Bros. just wanted to change the movie while they can. At the time, DC was being heavily criticized for making dark movies that were shallow while pretending to be deep, with the committee at Warner Bros. thinking the solution was to keep things lighter.

Obviously, DC is in a much better direction now movie-wise than it was back then and we're hoping that this Snyder Cut of Justice League will be what fans of the director want. It should be a fun send-off to this version of the DCEU and we hope that this lives up to the director's vision.

Zack Snyder's Justice League will be coming out on HBO Max sometime in 2021.

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