03 Apr 2018 11:43 AM +00:00 UTC

Zack Snyder Confirms Cyborg Easter Egg in Batman v Superman

The interesting thing about Batman v Superman is, though the movie is already two years old, we're still finding out new things about it today. Just recently, someone found an Easter egg about Cyborg that was under everyone's nose, and director Zack Snyder confirmed it.

Snyder had posted a deleted scene from Justice League to which a fan had commented a quote from Batman v Superman. Apparently, one of the headlines that Perry White was preparing was about Victor Stone's accident.

Here's the screencap from the movie:


Though a lot of fans may trash Batman v Superman for being a convoluted mess, there's no doubt that a lot of thought went into making the film. You can't find long-hidden Easter eggs like that in a Marvel movie.

For now, we don't know when we'll be seeing the Justice League team-up again. We don't even know when the next Superman or Batman movie will come out. It looks like the DCEU is taking a long hard look at its cinematic universe plans, and it will have to be a while before we get the train chugging at full speed again.

The next DCEU film set to come out is Aquaman, and it hits theaters Dec. 21.

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